Men can clean too

Stop being a lazy bugger!

Odd jobs for men? A funny thing happened on Instagram recently that made me wonder what the hell some fellow husbands and dads are doing. Since smashing my new phone, and it being impossible to replace the screen without resorting to criminality, I've not been posting as many pics. My old Wileyfox Swift is a … Continue reading Stop being a lazy bugger!

The Girl at the beach

Is she ready for school?

The Girl will have travelled about 2.464 billion miles around the sun by the time she starts school in a few weeks. This figure does not include the number of miles trekked to find toilets at the least convenient time whenever we're out and about, but I reckon you could probably double it and be … Continue reading Is she ready for school?

Lure of the sea

Get wet

Being an island in the north Atlantic Ocean,  it's not surprising that us Brits have an affinity with the water. But growing up in the Pennines, about 40 miles as the crow flies from the nearest bit of coast and 70 miles from the mandatory seaside trip to Whitby, there wasn't a great deal of … Continue reading Get wet