Finished bedroom cupboard and shelves

DIY cupboards and shelves – Part III

Unexpected peril? This final instalment of my loft bedroom storage DIY project trilogy should have been an account of how I wrapped up the project simply and quickly, with some lovely pictures of the completed project, all styled nicely so you can nick it for Pinterest for some ideas of how to redo a room. But, … Continue reading DIY cupboards and shelves – Part III

Cupboard carcass dry assembled

DIY cupboards and shelves – Part II

Getting cracking In my head, this instalment of my mini-series about my loft bedroom storage project is a montage, set to motivational music. I would have to be played by one of those 'interesting looking' actors/actresses (I'm open to adaptations for the big screen version) who isn't completely unattractive so doesn't put audiences/studio executives off, … Continue reading DIY cupboards and shelves – Part II

Day off

Back in 'the day' (whenever that was???), a day off meant a lie-in, no hurry for train, and general lounging about doing whatever took my fancy. Now, as I've got the best job in the world (obviously mean being a dad - sorry boss if you're reading this!) my days off tend to revolve around … Continue reading Day off