As I’ve cobbled a few things together for the house, people started asking me if I’d make them things too.

I thought they were just being polite, but then people kept asking, until someone persuaded me to sell them a coat hook shelf.

Then more people asked, so I thought it might be fun to make some more, which I have, and they’re now living with new people too.

My things are made from reclaimed wood – pallets, floorboards, scaffolding planks etc – which, by definition, are rustic products.

They have their own charm, and need to be treated a bit differently to nicely planed new wood.

To keep costs down, I use simple joinery and carpentry that hopefully looks pleasing, as well as making for sturdy pieces.

I thought it might be easier for people to see if they want something if I put up a few pictures to show what kinds of things I’ve made.

No two pieces are alike, but I can make the same style if I’ve got the same type of wood available.

Or, you can ask if I can cobble together something you’ve got in mind.

Coat hook shelves

The Zoë

Coat hook shelves

The one that started it all off.

I first made this to replace some hooks we’d put up in the hall for the kids to dump their bags and coats when they came in. The original idea was for just hooks, but I thought a shelf might be handy, and appeal to my wife’s appreciation of places for bits and bobs.

Made from nice wide pallet wood used to transport boxes of paper, this was 970mm long, 165mm high, with a 150mm wide shelf.

Zoe coat hook shelf

Learning from a mistake with my own initial shelf, the holes for screwing her to the wall are pre-drilled behind two of the five metal coat hooks, with simple angled brackets (unlike the solid ones in the original) which are apparently better for ‘hanging pretty things off’.

Hand finished in a medium oak or antique pine wax stain (which smell amazing!) this costs £40 including postage to mainland UK addresses.

The Roxy

Roxy coat hook shelf

This was made for a lovely friend on Instagram, who challenged me to make something a bit different to the original pic.

This particular one is made from reclaimed pine planks, that had been used as panelling in a house in Maidstone. As with Zoë, it’s got pre-drilled holes for attaching to the wall behind two of it’s six hooks.

Roxy coat hook shelf

Designed, cut, sanded, joined and stained by me in my shed, this can be made in a range of shapes and sizes. Due to the extra work and cursing involved, this six hook design is £45 including postage to mainland UK.




Wooden trayThese began life as a way of using up some of the more annoying off-cuts of pallets. Too short for a shelf, and usually a bit too damaged/raw around the edges.

Trimming them up on the table saw left some decent wood, but it was too narrow to use by itself, so I figured why not join it together and cobble together a tray?

The above was made, along with a blackboard-shelf-hook thing for a lady who saw my prototype. It’s just shy of 12″x 10″ and is finished with stripped pine stain and wax. This costs £22 including postage for UK mainland addresses.

Reclaimed wooden trayFancy something a bit different?

If you want to get in touch to ask about anything, you can find me on Instagram or Twitter, and you can email me, or fill out the form below.