Feeding the birds

Going wild

It’s Springwatch time again – which in casa del Frolics is a great excuse to sit around the telly and find out a bit more about the wonderful wildlife we take for granted. Another reason I enjoy it links back to my study days, and a module on the history of political thought. Obviously. For … Continue reading Going wild

Paper rocket

Rocket fun for the family

(Then) four year-old boy’s homework: Make or draw a rocket for this term’s topic on space. Cue big grin on daddy’s face. Me: Do you want to make one, or draw one? Boy: Make one! Me: Do you want to make a model, or one that flies. Boy: One that flies! Me: Excellent... I love space. … Continue reading Rocket fun for the family

Day off

Back in 'the day' (whenever that was???), a day off meant a lie-in, no hurry for train, and general lounging about doing whatever took my fancy. Now, as I've got the best job in the world (obviously mean being a dad - sorry boss if you're reading this!) my days off tend to revolve around … Continue reading Day off