Garden for kids

Getting some garden inspiration

We're heading towards our third summer in this house, and - to my eternal shame - the garden still isn't sorted. At our last home, I spent a lot of time and effort getting the garden to a state I was happy with - vegetable patch, decent shrubs,  colour and interest - but so far … Continue reading Getting some garden inspiration

Upcycled desk

Upcycled desk with salvaged wood

I had no idea we needed a desk for the spare room in the loft. The Whatsapp message from my wife (informing me that I'd have to go into town to pick up a desk she'd just paid for) soon corrected my lack of furniture foresight. "Oh, here we go..." I thought. It's not that I … Continue reading Upcycled desk with salvaged wood


As my infrequent posts here suggest, sometimes I struggle to get things done as I would like. Work, fatherhood, husbanding, impending fatherhood and life in general all seem to conspire against me getting as much done as I would like. So, at the weekend, a couple of years after beginning, I was glad to reach … Continue reading Finishing…