Family time at the beach

Scared of water?

Sea swimming, canoeing and paddle boarding on a Bank Holiday Weekend Most people might think moving to the coast when you're scared of open water would be a daft thing to do. I mean, who would want to live right next to the vast expanse of water that makes you so uneasy??? Hello! I'm Phil. … Continue reading Scared of water?

Off the beaten track

Giving myself a break

Me. The Boy. A tent. One night. What could possibly go wrong? That was my initial reaction to the suggestion that I take him ‘proper camping’ as his birthday treat. We tend not to give the kids big presents on their birthdays – the wider family seems to have that covered – so instead, we … Continue reading Giving myself a break

Lure of the sea

Get wet

Being an island in the north Atlantic Ocean,  it's not surprising that us Brits have an affinity with the water. But growing up in the Pennines, about 40 miles as the crow flies from the nearest bit of coast and 70 miles from the mandatory seaside trip to Whitby, there wasn't a great deal of … Continue reading Get wet


Good mud

*** For some reason this didn't publish in December. As the weather is crap now, it seemed as good a time as any to show it or anyway, and it gets it off my draft list*** When coal mining took off in Kent in the early 20th century, it is reported that some miners walked … Continue reading Good mud


I've been crap getting out onto the trails recently - an aborted trip to Swinley a couple of months ago was my last 'proper' excursion. Irksomely, my car is a stupid French thing that doesn't have a proper roof upon which to fit one of those unimaginatively named racks. I used to just take the … Continue reading Mud-tastic