Innocent days at the beach

How do you explain the inexplicable to kids? 

“Daddy, what happened in Manchester and London?”

Not a question I hoped to be answering any time soon.

He’d heard something at school, seen bits (more than I thought) on the news and wanted to know what happened.

I know it’s not possible, or healthy, to hide them from the evil in the world, but I had hoped it would be a while before he saw it.

I tried to answer as honestly as I could, without getting into detail.

I started by reminding him that we are among the luckiest people on the planet because we get to live somewhere where you can do pretty much what you want, we get to say who is in charge, and we accept people don’t have to be the same as us.

Some people don’t like that, they want to scare us, hurt us, and they want us to change.

Some of them did bad things and hurt a lot of people, which makes us sad, worried and some people scared, and that’s absolutely fine.

But they want you to be scared and stop doing the things they don’t like, but the people who were hurt wouldn’t want that, so we carry on.

We feel sad.

We might be scared.

But we don’t change.

The police and others are working very hard to stop them doing it again.

They will stop most, some might succeed, and in the end those people won’t win because there’s more of us who want to help each other than there are that want to hurt each other.

No idea if it was the right thing to say or not, but he’s a bright little button who takes in more than he lets on, and worries about it.

I’m pleased he asked, and I thought it was important to be honest, which is all we can ever be really.


I posted this on Instagram and a friend kindly pointed me to the Winston’s Wish website which has some good advice on supporting children who see these things on the news.

I’m not sure whether it’s amazing or depressing that this had to exist, but I’m grateful it does.

The boy is growing up


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