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Getting busy in the garden

Following my moan about the garden the other week, I’ve begun to make progress – showing that putting stuff on here is a great way of guilting myself into action!

I’ve been tentatively doodling and sketching ideas on scraps of paper so much I think the kids are beginning to suspect I’m leaving clues for some kind of treasure hunt around the house .

To be honest, the only things I want them to find are the treasured ability to stay in bed at the weekend or pick up after themselves!

Whilst the plans aren’t set in stone (hmm… do I need some stones in there…?) I’ve got a better idea about where I’m heading.

Kids playhouse new homeThis newfound resolve to get my garden sorted made me get my tape measure out…

To measure the garden!

I had done it a while ago, but never did anything with it (much like buying something from Lakeland – seemed a good idea at the time, now it’s just festering in a drawer).

As well as the general perimeter, I measured out the key features I won’t be moving/can’t be arsed to move  – shed, veg patch, decking – and bits I’ll probably have to move so need to find space for them – kids playhouse, mud kitchen.

Putting it onto paper at scale made me realise just what a narrow long garden we’ve got – 16 x 90 ft (c. 4.8 x 27m in new/old money*)!

Twenty 22ft (6.7m) at one end is taken up by shed and veg patch, and decking takes up 20 ft (6m) at the other.

That still leaves a hefty strip to sort out…

To get my head round that, I need to move the kids playhouse to its new home where I hacked the crappy conifer down. I had to dig the root out by hand (not a fan of chemicals, and don’t own/am not allowed a chainsaw) which was a faff, but I managed!

As the house needs to be on a flat surface (it’s raised, with legs at each corner) I spent an evening after work leveling a patch for it to stand on – marked out the area, cut turf off one bit, took up some god awful log roll border that was in the way.

There was some concrete used to secure the log roll, so I bashed it up a bit and stuck it in the corners where the feet will sit for added stability. To prevent stuff growing up underneath (which will be where some of the kids’ stuff I want rid of from my shed will be kept) I stuck down a layer of newspaper covered by some weed membrane I had left over from digging out the path at the side of the house.

The kids playhouseProbably overkill, but better than me wondering if I should have done more!

Next stage is moving the house, which could be fun…

I have the outline of a plan involving two six foot poles, and giving the kids extra porridge for breakfast…

* Are we going back to imperial now we’re leaving the EU?


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