Easter blackboard

Quick DIY blackboard

I can’t be the only one who has an almost full tin of blackboard paint sitting on a shelf in their shed.

I can’t remember when I got it. It’s moved house with me. But I can only think of one time I’ve actually used it for anything.

Until now!

I wouldn’t say I’m a hoarder, but I don’t like to just chuck things away willy-nilly.

Glamorous assistant painting the frameThe number of times I’ve gone to do something and realised the thing I needed to do it  was now at the big rubbish tip in the sky is frustratingly high.

So when a picture frame was deemed surplus to requirements in the hall, I rescued it from the lean to (a sort of transition area for things no longer needed in the house, on their way to the bin or tip) and stashed it in the shed.

A month or so later, there was now a need for a small blackboard – if only we had a frame to make one out of…

Leaping to the rescue I retrieved the frame, dug out the blackboard paint, found the last remnants of a tin of paint for the frame itself, and raided my scrap wood pile for some hardboard to fit inside the frame.

DIY BlackboardThankfully I had a bit big enough (something else mere mortals might have sent to the tip) so I measured (satisfyingly exactly 10″ by 8″) and scored and cut a section with my Stanley knife and a large tri-square that was part of a bundle of tools I picked up on eBay for £1.04.

A couple of coats of blackboard paint later, and with the help of a glamorous assistant who painted the frame while I was at work, I was slotting it into the newly-painted frame and tacked down with small panel pins – quite a few as it needs to take the repeated pressure of being written on and cleaned regularly.

A nice quick project, costing nothing more than time and an old paintbrush that didn’t get cleaned quick enough – I’m down to my last one now so need to go easy on them. And stick to water-based finishes!

I think it looks alright and should be a fun addition to the house.

Easter blackboard



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