Those summer nights…

Turns out that living by the sea on the south coast (sort of) has its advantages.

Came home from work, and while sat having tea, we somehow decided to go to the beach.

Not just a stroll to the beach down the road, which is nice enough, but a quick pootle around the bay to Broadstairs – Viking Bay.

After a finding a cheeky space (part shared with a Smart car) and being delighted it was free to park after 6 (always a bonus for this thrifty Northerner), we hit the beach.

The kids don’t need any encouragement to get mucky, so legged it over mounds of washed-up seaweed from the weekends high winds, down to the shoreline.

After some supervision of the quality of their sandcastles (average at best unfortunately, must try harder) I tested the water.

It was chilly as ever.

The Girl wanted a paddle too, and then decided she wanted me to take her deeper – so she wouldn’t get wet/cold.

Thankfully, I had an ulterior motive for the trip, so was wearing swim shorts when the giant wave hit, though C wasn’t impressed with her soggy bottom.

Taking her back to shore, I decided it was time to have a dip, so dived in for a splosh.

This is something I’m tying to do more, since I actually live next to the sea, and it seems daft to me not to use what is in effect a free swimming pool. Hopefully, by doing more now I’ll acclimatise when it gets a bit later in the year, but frankly, I expect I’m gonna keep freezing.

Dip done, and the glamorous under-towel change achieved, we had a wander up along the harbour arm to grab an ice cream for the kids before heading home.

Some of which didn’t just get spread over her face…

All in all a lovely evening with the kids, which we need to do more of. We live so close to so many great beaches we take them for granted, or think we haven’t got time.

Tonight, an off-the-cuff comment showed us we can do more than we think.


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