Prime time

In a few weeks time, I’ll be the father of a 3 and a 5 year old.

If you’d have told me that a few years ago I’d have freaked out, but ever since monkey bum came into my life I’ve discovered I’m not as terrified of children as I thought I was.

Yes, they’re trying, tiring and almost tear-enducing at times, but I’m incredibly lucky that my life is 9.99 to several factors of ten richer and happier for having them in it.

My prime pairWhilst C-Diddy’s upcoming celebrations are a chance to reflect on the last few amazing years (kids, new job, new house, new shed) it’s also oddly satisfying to my inner geek – an anchor to my old, terrified-of-kids, self.

When she hits her latest milestone, I’ll be the proud parent of not only two amazing children, but two amazing… prime numbers!

As if that isn’t cool enough, in September, I’ll be one as well!

Unfortunately, Mrs Phil has spoiled the full house by neither being, nor being on the cusp of becoming, prime age.

I suppose that means she doesn’t love her family as much as I do.

Trying to explain this to the offspring hasn’t gone well so far. Eldest looks like he’s trying to understand, then wants to draw a space shuttle.

Youngest just wants to climb me.

I’ve also given up trying to explain to the boy that his recent birthday was special not only because of the Lego space shuttle he got (see above comment about drawing) but its one of only three times (given current actuarial predictions) that he’ll be changing from a square to prime age

Again, this is the same as me – so you should be able to work out my age if you don’t know already!

The girl isn’t experiencing this magnificent change just yet, though I’m taking small comfort from the fact that she’s moving from an age where the square root is irrational, to one where she’ll be prime.

I do hope that this kind of geekery I have helps install a love of numbers in my kids – I only really got to do it for fun and enjoy numbers for their own sake at university.

Hopefully they’ll have a better attitude towards maths than I did (found it easy at school so didn’t try hard enough and got whooped by my A-levels) and get to do the cool stuff I wanted/want to do when I grow up.

They’ve got to give me a lift in their space shuttle for my 101st birthday.

Assuming I confound current actuarial predictions.


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