Day off

Back in ‘the day’ (whenever that was???), a day off meant a lie-in, no hurry for train, and general lounging about doing whatever took my fancy.

Now, as I’ve got the best job in the world (obviously mean being a dad – sorry boss if you’re reading this!) my days off tend to revolve around doing things either with, or for, my family.

So, yesterday, I took a day off to take delivery of a new bed for the boy, as we start to get inching towards making the new house more ‘ours’. Telling people my plans, many said “ooh, flat pack hell”, but I genuinely don’t mind building flat pack furniture – instructions can be a bit confusing at times, but you can always figure it out with a bit of thought.

Or brute force.

Bed in a box.

Bed in a box

Anyway, as I had been given the usual helpfully specific delivery window (between 7am and 4pm), once the kids were off to nursery, I got cracking clearing his room to make way for the new bed.

First up, taking down the girl’s cot (wipes away tear at the passage of time) so she can have his current, toddler bed. Easy enough. Then taking cot bits up to loft, and carting his bed into her room.

Straightforward so far.

Then, it was time to move his wardrobe. What a pig of a job that was. It’s an Ikea thing we picked up a few years ago, and has been dismantled and moved several times – and it shows! After emptying it out, and seeing a rather alarming sway from at the corners from a gently push towards its new home, I decided it would be easier to just take it apart and rebuild where I wanted it.

Well, taking it apart was easy – it practically fell apart! Fortunately, I’ve got a stash of spare parts for these kinds of things, and they’re one of the few things I can find in my piddly shed, so I was able to – eventually – get it back together better than it was before.

The pig of a wardrobe

The pig of a wardrobe


With bizarrely perfect timing, the new bed then arrives. I got the box upstairs (and new, disconcertingly grown-up sized mattress), sliced open the box and got cracking – and for fun, set the camera up to record the event!

Once up, I moved it to better place, then faffed about with sheets and duvets for longer than is ever necessary unless you work in a sheet/duvet emporium.

Eventually got both their rooms looking good, which gave me all of 10 minutes to have a brew before the kids got home.


The girls room


The boys new bed

Was totally worth it though as their faces and joy when they saw their “new rooms” were a treat!

Who needs rest when you’ve got two happy kids?


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