Fiddling with my Bush

Now we’re firmly settling in to Casa del Sutcliffe, we’re spending a lot of time looking for stuff.

It’s not that we don’t have enough stuff as it is (I’ve got six boxes of books in the spare room that need a home) but with three times the floorspace of the old house, it’s a bit sparse in places.

So, as I’m a thrifty Yorkshireman, and Mrs Phil likes vintage (insert your own predictable joke about my age here) we’ve been checking out secondhand furniture shops looking for bargains.

On one of these trips, we found a little telephone table thing/umbrella holder (it probably has a name, but I struggle with salient details surrounding furniture), and for an extra fiver the proprietors kindly threw in an old Bakelite radio I kept ogling.

Bush DAC90A - a project

Behold! My new Bush!

So, I am now the proud owner of a 1955 Bush DAC90A (if I’ve identified it right).

Doesn’t it look magnificent?!

And it looks even better inside:

Peer inside my Bush. It's a bit dusty.

Inside my dusty Bush

Isn’t it glorious?!

Clearly, the innards are screwed, and the wiring is crustier than my children’s noses during a cold snap, but it’s captivating.

Simple, elegant appearance, beautiful engineering and potentially life-threatening power supply – it’s like it was meant for me!

Old fashioned Bush knob twiddling

Old fashioned Bush knob twiddling

Clearly, it needs a lot of work, and after looking around to see what it would cost to restore to it’s original glory, I’ve decided to initially try to bring it to life by butchering a digital radio to stick inside it.

This will involve some rewiring, imagination, and possibly a new shed, but seems most suitable approach for now.

Worry not valve aficionados – all the innards are being kept on the chassis, with a view to gradually replacing parts and restoring it over time (and possibly after my long-overdue lottery win).

So, two projects in one Bush. Bargain.


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