Pratting about with camera

So, I’m still home alone after nearly a month, as we’re waiting for a solicitor further down the chain to make the gargantuan effort of reading a bit of paper and saying it’s ok, despite having known it’s ok for 3 weeks.


However, in an effort to keep myself sane in ways that won’t hurt me, I decided to get stuck into playing with the camera in a meaningful way.

Since I don’t get home form work til 6:15, my efforts Getting the tripod wetto get down to the river to get some decent shots down there failed due to light diminishing, though I did have fun setting up tripod in the water to get some remote shots. The idea was to try to get some shots of a kingfisher I’m sure I’ve heard down there, but as usual, the bugger eluded me, though something large did splash out of the water behind the camera, so at least I know there’s food in there for them.

After a bit of Googling, I found a funky add on for the camera called Magic Lantern which is essentially a bit of software that you put onto your camera’s SD card that adds functionality not usually available. Among the fun stuff I’ve been playing with is the intervelometer (to see if I can get a decent timelapse) and the trap focus (to try to catch some wildlife in the garden).

So far, I’ve had moderate success with the former, and none at all with the latter.

Still, learn by doing and all that!starry starry night

One thing I have been having a bit of fun with is stars. Going fully manual, and using my own judgement to try to capture starlight in an area with a fair bit of light pollution has been a bit daunting, but with a bit of trial an error, I’ve had a couple of decent shots.

Still, I reckon I can get better from here, so, for the foreseeable future, I’ll be boring folk with slightly blurry pics of random nonsense.

Though, once I’ve moved I’ll have new nonsense to take pics of, so it might not end any time soon.

Apologies in advance.


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