Half a year away

“But what minutes!  Count them by sensation, and not by calendars, and each moment is a day”

Benjamin Disraeli

Yesterday, Monkey bum was six months old.

Me and tiny monkey bum prepare for his first bath

How in the name of all that is holy did that happen?!

Somehow, the earth has rotated halfway around the sun, and spun upon it’s own axis 185 times since little Eli came crying into the world.

It is the same amount of time* until his first birthday.

Again: how?

It seems that somehow, amidst all the nappies, hugs, playing, crying**, tonsilitis and general life-changing mayhem, time has continued to march onward, irrespective of my knowledge of it’s progress.

I spent last night looking through some of the thousands of pictures we’ve taken over the last six months, trying to work out where it’s gone, and – clichéd as it sounds – it’s incredible how much he’s changed.

Where once there was a helpless little baby, utter reliant on us for every human need, there’s now the beginnings of a an actual person, with emotions, recognition, and the ability to pinch.

Sorry if I sound like a hapless idiot, but how awesome is that?!

I’m very lucky in that for the most part he’s been an easy baby – compared to those on our NCT group (who I’m lucky enough to call friends now) we seem to have avoided the worst of sleepless nights etc.

He’s been sleeping through 7pm-7am for months, and  even before that (from about 10/11 weeks), I only had to do an 11pm feed to get him through the night.

I put this largely down to Mrs Phil’s skill as a mother, and can only hope in some way my cack-handed “I’ve no idea what I’m doing really” style of parenting hasn’t negated her efforts too much.

So, if you’ll permit me some reflection, I thought I’d post a few pics of his first few months on this spinning rock.

No doubt there’ll be more to come, and I hope that in future I get to look back at these with him (whilst both wearing jetpacks and living in the clouds), and he’ll be able to see how much he’s changed my life for the better.


eating babies

Hungry dad

What is dad doing to you?

happy baby

Such a happy child

Men of the house Chillin’

Has his dad’s attitude towards cameras

Heading out on an adventure with the boy

He loved his adventure

Needs to improve his hide and seek skills

Not sure who wore out who

At least someone likes dad’s jokes

“Quit it with the effing camera dad!”

Seems to like me, and I guess I’m fond of him too

* the six month thing, not the days, otherwise the year would be even longer than the extra day we’ve got coming in Feb.

** mainly mine.


3 thoughts on “Half a year away

  1. Ben Coupland (@bencoupland) says:

    Hi Phil,.

    Firstly congrats on the new baby and I’m glad everything is going really well!

    I’m a new Dad with a 5 and a half month little girl at home, so had a good chuckle (of recognition!) at your latest blog and the great photos…. I’m having the time of my life since our little treasure came along but it’s good to know that I’m not the only bloke who is admittedly “winging it” a little when it comes to parenting! lol

    I’ll definitely keep an eye on your blog and all the best to you and the family in the run up to Christmas.



  2. philrunslondon says:

    Thanks Ben

    Congrats on your little girl too!

    It’s strange isn’t it – you need a license to drive a car, but they send you home from hospital with another human being who is completely reliant on you to stay alive!

    In my mind I imagined I’d have a certain style of parenting, but now he’s here, it’s complete nonsense. Just guess what you’ve got to do, see how he reacts, then change or continue as seems right.

    Bit ad hoc, but it seems to have kept him out of trouble so far.

    All the best to yours too!


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