Making a nursery

So I’m gonna be a dad in a couple of months, and naturally one of the first things to pop into my mind when I found out was: where the hell is it going to live?

We live in a one-and-a-half bedroom bungalow and the spare room is made up of a couple of shelves, a small set of drawers, and a day bed thing (I hadn’t heard of the term before, but am assured that’s what it is). Generally, the room is unused unless we’ve got family/friends staying over. It’s just too small.

So, with a new little person on the horizon, and an attempt to sell up and buy something bigger thwarted by the mortgage people, the room needed to become a nursery somehow.

We decided not to find out if it’s a boy or girl, so planning how redecorate the room was a bit tricky, but then logic dictated we go for neutral whites/creams and then add colour through other bits and bobs like cushions and stuff.

I say “we”, but clearly that last paragraph is gobbledegook to me.

In January, we got a cot, which we left packed in its box in the (you guessed it) spare room.

I managed to find a second hand rocking chair online, and realised I had the makings of a decent set of drawers in the garage. I set to these with hammer and nails, and sandpaper and paint, and with the addition of some new handles, got them looking pretty good.

Paint selected, this weekend saw the final push with the room being emptied, shelves removed to be repainted, and the floor being covered so the decorating could begin.


I sanded back the woodwork (by hand as my detail sander selfishly blew itself up when I was using it) and set to repainting the walls.

Annoyingly, “chalk white” doesn’t cover the weird magnolia walls we inherited easily, so it needed a couple of coats. Painting the skirting was a ball-ache too, though redoing the radiator and windowsill was easier.


about 6pm on Saturday, the painting was done so I got the cot put up and brought in the furniture.

I’ll be honest, I was chuffed to bits with how it looked – and putting the teddy bear in the cot really brought home how soon it will be ‘til the nipper arrives.


Sunday was mainly sorting out other bits around the house so we could find new homes for the stuff that had lived in that room before. Also, I had to repaint the shelves with several coats before re-hanging them, though one of these will be getting some big holes put in it in which buckets shall be dropped once I get my new holesaw.

I thought that was it, until the doorbell went and the blind we’d ordered turned up a day late.

Half an hour later, it was installed, then with a final flurry of the hammer we had bunting up and we had a pretty much finished nursery.

The pics are a bit weird as it’s an awkward sized room to get it all in at once, but hopefully it shows both what it looks like, and what you can get done in a weekend!


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